SAP AIF – mapping conditions

What are mapping AIF conditions?

Conditions in AIF allows you to apply specific fixed values/ value mapping / checks and different (alternative) source fields based on custom criteria. You can create it directly from variant mapping or from the original interface mapping structure:

How to implement AIF conditions correctly?

Assuming scenario where we want to apply different posting keys to Vendor line item where:

a) 21 for Credit
b) 31 for Debit

based on the Invoice indicator flag on document Header level.

In pseudo code we would have:

If "Invoice Indicator" equals to "R" then "21" 
Elseif "Invoice Indicator" equals to "G" then "31"
Else leave empty
  • specify destination field in your structure and leave source field empty

  • go to Conditions tab and set as below:
    (1) section where you specify the rule and what value we want to compare with
    (2) section where you set the source field from the raw data
    (3) section where you set the destination value
    SAP AIF condition steps
    SAP AIF conditions step 2









Create condition 2  in very similar way to previous oneAny other value in Invoice Indicator field that does not match will not be assigned.

AIF conditions can be implemented much more complex by providing checks and value mapping together as well.

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