/AIF/VMAP – value mapping, advanced logic

1.       AIF Value mapping overview and prerequisites

There are some business specific scenarios where value mapping needs to be implemented not only by providing internal and external values but also providing some extra logic into it before is mapped. AIF allows to update the output value on the fly in the custom function module directly.

In the below scenario we have defined CRM sales office mapping based on the country but internal values are R/3 business values and finally we have to map this accordingly into CRM HR object id’s. We handle this by implementing custom function.

2.       AIF value mapping definition and implementation

  • Go to /n/aif/cust transaction and click on “Define Value mappings”:
  • Provide the namespace and fill additional fields:
    • we set one external parameter which is country key
    • we set internal parameter sales office
    • we created value mapping specific function (easily type new name so function will be created automatically)

  • Go to transaction /n/aif/vmap and populate mapping values for your system id:
  • Go back to custom function module and implement additional logic there:

    3.         AIF Value mapping testing

Going into the AIF test tool (/n/aif/iftest) we have prepared single test case

  • Initially in the function module we can see the VALUE_OUT contains already mapped internal value which we can copy and manipulate:
  • Steping out to the next block of code VALUE_OUT is cleared and at the end changed to the new value:

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