AIF Troubleshooting

In this chapter we will share our encountered challenges/issues and also proposed solutions we faced during AIF implementations.

Interface structure after changing or moving to another system do not show up with updated values.

SOLUTION: run transaction /AIF/DEL_STRUC_CACHE to delete structure cache. 

After each transport to another system when structure was changed is recommended to run cache delete.

I can not see msgs in message dashboard /AIF/IFMON , not reciepient assigned msg.

SOLUTION: check if user is assigned to interface reciepient.

I would like to see all actions, mappings, checks, fixed values for specific interface in one screen.

SOLUTION: use summary report /AIF/CUST_OVERVIEW

Which value should I use for the Lifetime of Application Log?

SOLUTION: this depends on the requirements of the application, 
and defines the number of the days that messages of SAP AIF are stored in the application log. 
After these days, these entries can be deleted by transaction SGL2 (Application Log: Delete Expired Logs). 

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